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Is my child old enough to start lessons?

Perhaps, there are three categories to consider when determining if the child is ready for piano lessons: 

Academic Skills, Emotional Maturity and Natural Musical Abilities.


What many parents do not understand is how complicated reading music can be; piano students not only need to know the alphabet from A to G, but they also need to know those seven letters in reverse - G, F, E, D, C, B, A.


Emotional maturity is necessary because studying an instrument takes a lot of patience, concentration and repetition. If your child has a short attention span, is unwilling to accept constructive criticism, gets easily frustrated or bored, or is unable to behave during the half hour lesson, then they aren't ready for private piano lessons.


Some children will have natural musical abilities that become apparent early in their lives. You will find these children will dance and clap when they hear music. They will sing songs using the correct pitches. They will naturally be drawn to instruments and attempt to create music that is pleasing to the ear. Typically these children will have a much easier time learning how to play the piano. They would probably benefit from starting piano lessons at a younger age of five to six years old.

Formal piano lessons should include a proper foundation of learning how to read notes; understand symbols, correct finger numbers and so forth. Allowing the student to mature gives them an opportunity to learn the same information with a much better understanding of it, in a much shorter period of time, if you just waited a couple more years to start.

As a rough general rule the studio takes on new students from age six upwards.  However, every child is different and the following guidelines will help determine if  the child is ready to start lessons, whatever their age. 

Can the child:

  • Read numbers, count to 10 and do simple adding up (e.g. 2+2=4)? 
  • Read the letters of the alphabet and short sentences?
  • Physically sit still for 30 minutes?
  • Focus on having fun at the piano for 10-15 minutes?
  • Hold a pen or pencil easily to write with
  • Happily spend time without feeling anxious that you are not sitting in the room with them?

~If so then they are probably ready to make the most of having lessons~

Were to purchased the books and other necessary lesson materials?

Closes music store to the studio is Cranbourne Music (see map bellow). 

130 High Street Cranbourne Melbourne