P i a n o  S t u d i o 88

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  • A minimum of 24 hour notice is required to change or cancel a scheduled lesson. If the lesson is cancelled or unattended, it will be forfeited

  • If reasonable time (48 hours) notice is given prior to cancelling the lessons, arrangements can be made to reschedule the lesson (*see rescheduling options)

  • No refund will be given for no-shows

  • If you think you will be delayed, please notify the studio via a phone call or SMS

  • Late students will only have the remaining portion of their scheduled lesson duration

  • If you wish to discontinue lessons, allow two weeks of advance notice

  • There will be occasions when the teacher needs to cancel or change a lesson time - in which case the lesson will be rescheduled or refunded


  • Reschedule another time the same week

  • Double lesson the next week (may not be an option for beginners as the lesson may be too long)

  • Two single lessons the following week (at separate times - good option for beginners)

  • A specific day, usually at the end of the school term (two lessons maximum per term)


  • If you are bringing another sibling to a lesson, please ensure that they are able to sit quietly for the duration of the lesson without being distractive and noisy. Quiet teaching environment is required for both the student and the teacher

  • Please ensure that you are on time at both the beginning and end of the lesson. It is important that all students have their full scheduled lesson time without being interrupted